Catherine West discusses the Budget and EU

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This week has been budget week and what a depressing week it’s been.

What we thought was going to be 2015 - as Mr Osborne originally promised us – it’s now going to be 2030 before the public finances are in better shape; the disappointing news that the NHS will only get a small amount of money while Brexit is set to get £5 billion.

And what an act of self mutilation Brexit is. We have got a mess up of the negotiations, we are seeing £700 million already being spent, £1.5 billion this year, £1.5 billion the next and so on, let alone all the costs to jobs. The European Medicines Agency left us this week, meaning another 900 jobs are gone.

And this is just the beginning. We are in a real mess. Apart from even starting on universal credit, the number of people going to foodbanks has shot right up and we have also had so many people coming to our advice surgery, saying ‘I’m worried, I’m worried about the future, I’m worried about my kids.’ This is what we are looking at. Schools having to send letters home to ask parents for donations, just so that books and pencils and pens can be purchased.

This is just not on. We have to put a stop to it. Please join us, come and campaign for a socially just and peaceful future for our children and for us.

Come and be a part of it. We can have a better future. Poverty and inequality are not inevitable. Please come on board. Thank you.

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Catherine West MP

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